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Fox News – Following the Tax Trail…

Travis H. Brown on Fox and Friends – The United States of Taxation

Fox & Friends: Travis H. Brown Discusses the “Six Californias” Initiative #13-0063

California Split Into Six Separate States

6 states

The California breakup countdown begins. Nineteen and a half weeks. 807,615 signatures. That is the time frame and magic number needed to place Initiative #13-0063 on the November 2014 ballot. For those who may not be familiar with its formal name, the “Six Californias” Initiative is a combined initiated constitutional amendment and state statute that would divide California into six new state...

The Economics of Splitting California


Would six separate states be better than one? That is the question Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper is aiming to have placed on the November 2014 ballot. Californians will have the opportunity to answer by voting in favor of or against Initiative #13-0063 – better known as the “Six Californias” Initiative – if 807,615 signatures are collected in the next 18 weeks. While critics ...

Another Missed Opportunity to Cut Income Taxes in Georgia


For the past two years, Georgia lawmakers have repeatedly discussed reducing or eliminating the state’s income tax. With tax reform sweeping the nation in 2013 and carrying over into 2014, this appeared to be the year the Peach State finally passed tax reform legislation. After two months and six days, the 2014 legislature adjourned after...